Here we go again.

This really is the very last time that I attempt to lose weight by attending slimming world group.Its almost a year ago that I last joined, As always it didn't last long. 
Why am I  doing this yet again?  aside from the heaviest weight ever clocking up on my scales, I sat in one of our dining carver chairs at home and realised that my rear end fitted the whole space and actually was starting to feel a bit snug !! say what? it wasn't a case of does my bum look big in this it was a case of can I get my bum out of this...
oh dear oh dear oh dear, middle aged spread is not an excuse I am a lardy arse..which got me thinking of that teeny plane seat I will have to squeeze myself into in a couple of months time, I also started to worry that I might have to ask for a seat belt extension strap... how  embarrassing would that be?
Needs must, and as much as I hate having to sit in a group after weigh in its got to be done. I need to be healthier and I have a whole other wardrobe of clot…

My Patronus progress.

I am so loving this project, its completely addictive. I love the colours, the little pops of luminous yellow just adds to that whole ' expect patronus' feeling, yes its Harry Potter inspired colourways and pattern.

Started 11th May 2017

Section 1

Section 2.

section 3
This has been a totally monogamous knit, I have knit on nothing else, I am possessed..

Lundy Dreaming.

Sorting out photos on my laptop and I came across this little video which was taken on my birthday this year,  

I love this place.
PS, first ever attempt at uploading a video on my blog, I hope it works for you.

50th Friendaversary.

Last weekend saw my oldest friend and I celebrate 50 years of friendship.There have been ups and downs and periods where we didn't see much of each other, but we have always been there for each other. Shes the sort of friend that when you do meet up, its like you only saw each other yesterday. To celebrate this anniversary we decided to take a weekend away together, We had planned a weekend in London but changed the venue to Birmingham. We haven't been away together since we were in out teenage years so it was a gamble as we decided to share a twin room. Snoring and insomnia apart we had a fab time.I wont go into details about the snoring [me] or the insomnia [her].

We planned the weekend in advance as we had managed to get tickets for a concert that she wanted to see, it was also her Birthday treat from her Dad.  We went to see TAKE I am not embarrassed, they are great performers and the Genting arena was a great venue. I have to say most of the audience was women o…

Happy Mail day to me.

I have been on a yarn binge again, I cant help it, I am just addicted to nice squishy yarny goodness, it just looks so pretty.....
Here's today's stash enhancements

My patronus kit from norah george yarns, the expecto patronum colourway, so much better up close than I expected, love love love it.
The pattern is the  patronus shawl from Madeleine Windsor, and hopefully it will end up just like this one

[Pics from Madeleine's project page.]

This is the same colourway that I have just bought. I am so wanting to cast this on right now, but I have to skein it up first.. maybe tomorrow...
Then I just had to but this yarn as the colourway is Lundy Island

Fyberspates vivacious 4ply
We have just booked our 3rd trip to Lundy Island for next year, so I had to but this, thinking its going to be a cardigan type thingy, not quite sure yet, really need 4 skeins but they only had 3.Hoping I can pick up another of the same dye lot somewhere.
I have been knitting, honestly, will try and get…

Glastonbury camping.

Had a lovely mini break with our friends in Glastonbury, 2 nights of rest and relaxation, with a longish walk thrown in and a mooch about glastonbury village. 

Barry Bongo did us proud and the awning functioned perfectly as a dining room on Friday night.

We had a weekend visitor who popped in and out all weekend 

a very friendly fellow indeed.
During our mooch about my friend and I popped into an arts & crafts fare, there was a lady doing Tarot readings, strangely friend and I had said we should get our cards done earlier that day, as we were thinking about it , my hubs said he would pay, very unusual as he is a sceptic in all such things, job done, decision made.
Duly had my cards 'read' , nice reading, very accurate and gave me some good pointers to move forward with certain things, although I think the first 2 cards related to my friend as it was almost a duplicate of the conversation we had had walking down into the village earlier that day, Friend said hers was a goo…

Happy Friday.

I have now completed a  whole month with the new job. It's whizzed by. I am sort off settling in, it's a complete contrast with my old job, the pace is so much gentler! I'm still feeling like a fish out of water at times, but I'm thinking I am going to like this job. So far there has been no stress what so ever, I'm sure that won't last but it's so far removed from the pace I worked at previously, I do get bored easily so I hope that they will give me enough work to keep a flow going, sad but true, I do like to be busy.
My sleep pattern is much improved and although I still rise with the larks the quality is so much better. I like that early time of day when all is quiet and everyone else is still asleep, except for this morning, no 2 son has just left for a day at Thorpe Park so the hound decided to wake everyone up as he was not happy no 2 son had left the premises! But hes settled now so I can catch up on some blogging and blog reading.
This week has se…